Core Values


Our six (6) core values are what defines who we are as a ministry. To depart from any one of these would undermine the very purpose and passion for our existence. These core values drive every action and decision made at LifeChange Camp.

1. Proclamation of the Gospel

The gospel of Jesus Christ as recorded for us in the Bible is the key to truly changing lives. That gospel proclaimed with power and in many different ways is the main reason we exist.

2. Multi-generational Ministry 

We serve people of all ages. Children, teens, adults and families are all envisioned as we develop our facilities and programming.

3. Leadership Training

Our world has a great need for strong, Godly leaders. Our goal, through special learning sessions, faith-stretching service opportunities and hands-on experiences, is to raise up trained, motivated spiritual leaders. The future of LifeChange and the world depends on such as these.

4. Excellence in Facility and Service

Someone has said, “Christian shoddy is still shoddy.” We believe the Lord desires the very best possible from and for His people. We strive to do all we do with as much excellence as is possible. Careless or sloppy results in any endeavor are not acceptable.

5. Age-focused Ministry

Since we choose to minister to all ages, we believe it is necessary to adjust our approaches to meet the specific needs and situations of the group being served at the time. Though this adds a challenging dimension to our programming efforts, we know it pays dividends through the enthusiastic responses of our attendees.

6. Fun and Meaningful Experiences

Experiences that excite the emotions through fun and adventure, “unplugged and hands-on,” open up the spirit of a person to respond more readily to the wonders of God and His creative power. This response is the ultimate goal of LifeChange Camp. 

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